Anagram’s Neat New Trick

By | May 18, 2005

Further to my list of favourite Windows programs, I’ve heard from Nicholas  Maddox of anagram, the program that grabs text and turns it into something your PIM can use,  that there’s a new version out with a neat feature — guessing the missing email address:

Wanted to let you know we’ve released anagram 2.5.0. One cool new feature is its ability to guess the email address in a situation where it’s not provided. Example: You receive an email from someone that contains their contact information. Often, the email address is not included in the contact info since you already have it in the email. When you capture the text with anagram, the email is missed. But now anagram sees that you are capturing from an Outlook email and grabs the sender’s email address as a guess if none is found, and alerts you of the guess.

Sadly the trick doesn’t seem to work with non-Outlook email programs. More details here.

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