Find Anything About Anyone

By | May 4, 2005

Here’s another people search engine: Scary what people can find out about you without you having done very much to help them. And that’s their motto: ‘Find Anything About Anyone’. Be warned.

One thought on “Find Anything About Anyone

  1. Mark Hanusz

    This could be scary if it worked – I tried several people (yourself and myself included) and the results were always zero. This is supposed to search two billion public records? Yeah right. I am not sure to be happy nothing shows up or disappointed. However, that zaba thing is a different matter entirely. It even had my grandfather who passed away 28 years ago. Yikes. I tried to buy the info for 20 bucks but it would only take US-based credit cards. My guess it so it can keep track of these purchases to add more information to/verify information in their database. If this is the case, and if you have a US-based credit card, DON’T DO IT.


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