SkypeIn’s Wonders, And One Nagging Concern

By | April 17, 2005

The SkypeIn thing is really excellent. I was a bit slow to get aboard, mainly because of credit card issues, but now I’m there I’m impressed. It’s great to see a free service adding extra paid services that are really useful, rather than the usual free service later weighed down by sneaky efforts to grab your cash by limiting services, confusing users or adding dodgy features that don’t add up to a hill of beans.

The voicemail is excellent, very clear, the notification subtle but helpful, the message coming through almost immediately I’d hung up. My only concern is this: Incoming calls seem to lack caller ID:


Perhaps this is just a glitch, because the website version shows clearly the incoming number. Maybe this will be fixed. If not, isn’t there a danger of the number being used by VoIP spammers and others? Who is going to take a call on SkypeIn from an unidentified number? To me the whole beauty of IM/Skype is the ability to screen who it is who is trying to reach you.

One thought on “SkypeIn’s Wonders, And One Nagging Concern

  1. Michael Parekh

    callerid seems to be dependent on country and provider…fyi from the skypin faq on their site:

    Why doesn’t callerID work?

    Caller ID is dependent on the providers we use for our phone numbers and may not always be available.


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