Moleskine Art, And A Backlash?

By | April 14, 2005

Just had a chance to visit the Moleskine Art exhibition in Hong Kong’s Times Square (a rather impoverished version of the original, the huge outdoor screen blaring trash across the concourse being the focal point).

Anyway, a modest exhibition in the basement, in one glass case in the shop. But nicely done by enthusiast Patrick Ng, and a true window on what people can do with their Moleskine notebooks. Here are some terrible photos I took with my cellphone of some of the exhibits (some much better pictures can be found here):




Anyway, I’m probably biased because I interviewed him, but my money is on Mike Rohde, who does some lovely sketches in his:

Copy 1 of Jak0310(31)

Ironically, I left the shop buying some pens and a very, very cheap (HK$9) Chinese notebook. The paper’s cheap, the binding’s poor, there’s no pocket, no bookmark, but it’ll probably do for my sub-par thoughts, for now, given it’s less than 10% of the cost of a Moleskine and Hong Kong ain’t a cheap city to live in:


Is this the start of the Moleskine Backlash?

8 thoughts on “Moleskine Art, And A Backlash?

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  7. Michael Leddy

    Hi Jeremy,

    The photo of the Chinese notebook brings back memories … I bought a stack of these at a Big Lots store ten or more years ago. They look a bit rough, but I found the paper terriific for writing with a fountain pen. Of course they might be made more cheaply now. I filled several as journals and use one as a commonplace book (to collect quotations).

  8. Mike Rohde

    Jeremy, thanks for the mention. Sounds like Patrick did a very nice job with the exhibition.

    BTW, sorry for all of the trackback pings — I guess every time I made an update to my post your site was pinged again. Seems like a flaw in my MT editing client.


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