Bubbler Goes Pro

By | April 17, 2005

Five Across, Inc., the guys behind the ‘blog and website creation service’ Bubbler, are going to start charging for the service now it’s about to come out of beta.

On May 16th, 2005, we will be launching Bubbler version 1.0 along with a paid subscription-based Bubbler Hosting Service, which will also include our innovative messaging and collaboration tool InterComm Pro.

I have to confess I toyed with Bubbler but couldn’t get as excited about it as I’d hoped. I’m with TypePad, and while it’s starting to creak a little through lack of new features (and introduction of some unnecessary ones, such as HTML comment notifications), I’m not about to switch without good reason. I couldn’t see one in Bubbler.

Bubbler is offering existing users a special deal, however: $50 for two years, but you have to sign  up by Wednesday. Given it’s more of a collaborating tool and a (simple) web design than just a blogging one, it might be worth it.

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