Logitech’s Bluetooth pen

By | March 9, 2005

Logitech are about to bring out their io2 pen for Bluetooth:

This summer, Logitech will launch a Bluetooth-enabled version of the io2 Digital Pen, designed to address the current data entry shortcomings of mobile data capture devices. Logitech’s Bluetooth digital pen, when used in combination with a Bluetooth wireless handheld device, will help an organization’s mobile workforce more efficiently gather, transmit and share important data.

A press release gives a bit more detail: Using the Logitech io2 Digital Pen with Bluetooth technology, a mobile worker will be able to capture information by using a customized version of a standard paper form, such as for an insurance appraisal or a work order. The pen automatically creates a digital record that is transmitted to a complementary Bluetooth wireless technology enabled handheld communication device, such as a smart mobile phone, PDA or Blackberry. That data can be stored and processed on the handheld device or immediately sent into an organization’s central database for processing. For the mobile worker, it’s an automated process that starts with filling out a familiar form and ends with a confirmation on his or her wireless handheld communication device that the information has been sent and received.

Sounds interesting, although I’m not quite clear about how this differs from the Nokia SU-1B pen, which originates from the same Anoto source. And why aim only at business users with this?

3 thoughts on “Logitech’s Bluetooth pen

  1. Digital Evangelist

    From what I have read on a number of sights the logitec pen is very much the Anoto pen in different clothes. The difference seems to be with the Nokia pen you get a docking station with the logitec you do not. Not sure if you still have to subscribe to the Anoto service in order to send messages over the air as you do with the Nokia.

    Personally I have been using the Nokia pen for the last year and am a happy users other than the fact that Sony Ericsson no longer support Anoto functionality sO I have to now care two handsets one to use with my pen and my 3G handset. Also I am seeing a number of interesting articles that have Accenture pushing the pen in the public sector.

  2. erik

    The new Logitech pen is using the same body as the io2 and does not feel any heavier. The nice thing about the Logitech pens is that they are a generation ahead of Nokia and Maxell. A digital pen generation translates to between six months and a year.

    The Logitech pens have longer battery life, larger memory and read the digital paper more accurately. The increased accuracy allows the input boxes on digital paper forms to be smaller, making it easier to convert traditional forms into digital paper forms.

    It will be interesting to see how they do in the US market as Logitech is far more committed to selling pens here than Nokia.

  3. Gagan wadhawan

    I like 2 buy this pen plz send me more information related with this..it’s range etc…can i also buy it from india


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