A New Version Of Awasu, The Innovative RSS Reader

By | February 1, 2005

One of the more impressive RSS readers, Awasu, has a new release out —– 2.1 — with some interesting new features:

  • archives feed content.
  • search of your archived content.
  • search agents that constantly monitor your feeds for content of interest.
  • support for podcasting (enclosures) and
  • native support for Atom feeds.

Awasu is available in free, advanced and professional versions. It also supports several plugins which let you monitor individual pages, see your email, scrape parts of pages to make a feed and combine several feeds into one. More RSS readers here (sorry for the weird formatting on that page; scroll down to see the directory).

I have great admiration for awasu, but I’m not yet a full convert. But Taka, the guy behind it, definitely has a vision and you’ll be surprised by the innovative features he’s packed in there.

4 thoughts on “A New Version Of Awasu, The Innovative RSS Reader

  1. Taka


    *Still* not yet a convert?! What’s it going to take? I’ll see what I can do.

    We’re busy getting the rest of the core functionality out of the way but once that’s done, we’re going to spend some time on the Big Vision features 🙂

  2. JW

    Sorry, Taka, it takes me a while to commit to converting. I think awasu is really taking shape, but I guess for me the main things are I’d like to see smoother curves on the interface, and an easier way to import OPML files…

  3. Taka

    As I said in the blog (http://www.awasu.com/weblog/index.php?p=211), this release cycle is going to be focusing on the UI. I know exactly what I want it to look like and it’s going to be a major improvement over what we have now.

    What exactly do you want to see for OPML files? The only thing I would think of adding is maybe a bulk import instead of the current one-at-a-time system we have now. But even so, with the Quick Subscribe option, it’s still pretty quick to get a pile of channels in and typically, you’re only going to do it once anyway 🙂

  4. midvanisle

    Awasu has far to go for the general internet user. It doesn’t even have an email address for me to send a question or criticism. It refuses to work properly unless EACH TIME I OPEN IT . . . read a commercial for upgrading to the paid version. . . . sorry, maybe I’ve been tricked too many times in the past; companies like AWASU have EARNED my cynicism. Nothing is ever “easy”; sorry, I actually have a JOB and can’t spend a day learning how to use a news reader. AWASU is difficult to use, and GOOD LUCK finding an explanation anywhere on the site that is NOT made for techies; when will big fat companies figure out that if they make things SIMPLE, the more customers they will get? Never, apparently. . . . Whether or for how long my comments remain on this site depends on the, uh, “relationship” that it has with the AWASU company, of course.


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