Bicycle Bandits And Phishing

By | December 7, 2004

Further to my post about the phishing incident at SunTrust, you don’t always need to be that sophisticated to rob a bank. All you need is a bicycle.

Late last month, the Richmond Times-Dispatch in Virginia reported that a man entered the SunTrust bank in Richmond “shortly before 11 a.m. and made a verbal demand for money. He displayed no weapon. After receiving an undisclosed amount of cash, the man fled on a bicycle heading west toward the Toys “R” Us store.” Clearly a man keen to get his kids’ Christmas shopping out of the way ahead of the rush.

It may not be the first time the Bicycle Bandit has hit. The Dispatch reports: “Police are investigating whether the man is the same person who robbed the Bank of Richmond at 8905 Fargo Road on Nov. 15. In that case, the robber also escaped on a bicycle.” Quite a getaway.

Could this be the same guy behind the phishing attack? Was he just probing the bank’s vulnerabilities, and decided to opt for cross-site scripting rather than a bicycle-borne attack?

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