How To Eliminate Offline Swaging And Avoid A P-Punch

By | November 9, 2004

I read a lot of press releases in a day, but usually I try to read them in the early morning, because they seem to make more sense then. Don’t ask me why. But rarely do I enjoy reading a press release; they’re boring, self-promoting (of course), hard to decipher and often not closely related to my field of work (technology column-ing). But I’ve just received one (subscription required) which I found a joy to read, and reaffirms my belief that my chosen profession (technology columnist) is the right one.

I reprint it here in full, so you can enjoy it as much as I did:

Device Technologies Introduces Push-Lok™

Simply Elegant Technology Precisely Space Daughter Boards from Chassis or Mother Boards

November 2004 (Newstream) — Device Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce a new product line of Push-Lok™ Printed Circuit Board Standoffs that eliminate offline swaging of screw machine standoffs.

When seated, the pre-assembled drive pin secures the Push-Lok Standoff to the chassis to maintain its integrity under standard tailgate drop-tests. The fastener portion has a minimum protrusion but will sit flush with a shallow dimple in the chassis.

The latch is both flexible and secure enough to allow for easy assembly of the daughter board and eliminate the need for torque driven screws. Field Service, repairs and modifications are equally efficient by simply deflecting the flexible latch.

DTI’s complete Push-Lok solution also offers a P-Punch, spring loaded pin driving tool to allow easy assembly on the production line. Push-Lok is made of UL94V2 Type 66 nylon and UL94V0 on special order.

Now, some of you may be wondering just how much offline swaging of those screw machine standoffs these Push-Lok thingies manage to achieve. Well, I’ve checked with MA-based Device Technologies, who not only make Push-Lok™ printed circuit board stand-offs (as if!) but also design, manufacture, and sell cable management solutions, including cost effective and NEBS compliant Spring Fast® Composite Grommet Edging, Fast-Drop™ fiber optic radius control modules, and I am here to tell you, right now: It’s a lot.

Under standard tailgate drop-tests (this ISO-approved test involves dropping a standard Push-Lok standoff off back of moving pick-up) the integrity of the Push-Lok is maintained, and if you really need to mess around with it in the field, you can just deflect the flexible latch. Just make sure you’re not showing any shallow dimples on your chassis, especially in front of anyone’s daughter board. If you do, get ready to be P-Punched.

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