Do It Yourself Passport Photos

By | November 1, 2004

Here’s a neat piece of software that does something useful: Prepares regulation size passport or ID photos from your snaps.

Passport Photo costs $10 and will let you crop or extract from existing photos before saving the photos in a batch that can then be printed out from your home printer or sent to the shop for a more professional job. As someone who still relies on photos that were taken when I was a lot younger (when I applied for a U.S. visa recently I used a 7-year old photo and the consular official looked very unimpressed when I turned up for the interview. ‘You look kinda different,’ was all she said but I could tell she was disappointed).

Anyway, good to see people still coming up with good software ideas. Sure you could do all this in Photoshop or whatever, but why bother? The program comes with preset U.S, Canadian and European formats, but will also let you configure your own. If you’ve got a family or small office this could save you a lot of fiddling about.

A new version of Passport Photo has just been released by Israel-based OnTheGoSoft.

2 thoughts on “Do It Yourself Passport Photos

  1. nicker

    You can create valid passport photos with website.
    It uses face detection to set size and position of head.
    It is free.
    Built-in standards for 63 countries.


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