Sad News For The Review

By | October 28, 2004

Sad news: As of today, the Far Eastern Economic Review, primary home to the Loose Wire column for the past few years, has ceased publishing as a weekly magazine. That means that the column will move elseswhere, although readers will continue to be able to read it online. For FEER and other readers, please do drop me an email if you’d like to be kept informed of the column’s new home once I’ve decided where it’s going to be.

Loose Wire blog will continue as usual.

3 thoughts on “Sad News For The Review

  1. Jonathan N

    Today’s a sad day for the last existing weeklies; forced to take the path of morphing into a monthly. But I hope they don’t compromise on their reporting. I understand from news reports that they will also lay off 10% of their staff. Sad day indeed. I just hope they give enough things to read for the duration of one month; and no junk please! But I hope you will write more frequently on your blog site. I have always enjoy reading your section in the FEER.

  2. Walter R.

    I also enjoyed reading FEER. Couldn’t afford the steep subscription price through. (A subscription rate of $4 per issue is WAY too high, imo.) Regardless, they continue to send me the magazine months after my subscription expired.

  3. pieman

    “they continue to send me the magazine months after my subscription expired.”


    It was very nice of them, I had subscribed for 4 years or so, but maybe indicative of deeper problems. If you can’t get your subs team sorted, what’s the mgt like?

    On the positive isde, I am looking forward to seeing the monthly and may well re-subscribe. Although I do agre with Walter, compared to othe rpubs i subscribe to, FEER isn’t cheap.


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