Scobleizer, Microsoft And Waggner

By | September 20, 2004

Robert Scoble, the Microsoft blogger whom I wrote about in a recent column, has scaled back his accessibility to the media (thanks Steve Rubel). From now on, journalists’ requests for interviews are forwarded to Microsoft’s main PR company, Waggner Edstrom.

Robert and the other bloggers at Microsoft have been a breath of fresh air for journalists like me trying to get a bit of a grip on a company that has, I have to say, been somewhat patchy in the way it deals with media questions. I do hope that the transparency of Scobleizer and other Microsoft blogs will not be tempered, and that Redmond understands the extraordinary benefits of making employees part of the company’s PR machine, not just farming it out to people who are always saying they’ll get back to you, and never do.

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