A New Paint Shop Pro

By | September 8, 2004

Adobe Photoshop’s old challenger, Paint Shop Pro, is back.

Jasc Software yesterday announced the launch of Paint Shop Pro 9 and something called Paint Shop Pro Studio, a “photo editor for consumers who want to do more than novice editing without a steep learning curve”.

Paint Shop Pro 9 takes the photo and graphics editor a bit further, Jasc says, with stuff like digital camera noise removal (I didn’t even know there was something like that), a chromatic aberration removal filter, fill flash and Raw image support, features Jasc says are “often sold individually for hundreds of dollars”. Paint Shop Pro 9 costs $130 while Paint Shop Pro Studio is $80, which includes a free copy of the standard edition of Paint Shop Photo Album 5.

I’ll be test-driving these products in a later column.

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