Monthly Archives: August 2004

Another Challenger to MS Office… From India

A small Indian software company based in Chennai is taking on the big boys. Tropical Software announced yesterday it has introduced the OfficeMate software suite, “that provides word-processor, spreadsheet, database and presentation capabilities similar to the Microsoft Office, for the Windows platform”. The cost: $50. The software is actually already in use in India, the… Read More »

This week’s column – Beat the bugs

This week’s Loose Wire column is about cleaning viruses: IF YOUR COMPUTER is infected by a virus, Trojan, worm or some other nasty slice of code, never fear: Worst comes to worst, you can call on a 60-year-old retired Australian lab technician who goes by the on-line nickname of Pancake. Though he wouldn’t put it… Read More »

Should eBay Stop Sending Emails Altogether?

Does there come a point in the phishing-dominated world where folk like eBay should just stop sending out emails, and tell customers that’s what they’re doing? I got an email from eBay this morning. I don’t remember getting one before, but I may have, or else my spam filter discarded it. It sure looked like… Read More »

Microsoft, Pirates Keys and SP2

There seems to be some confusion about who will be able to install the Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) so I thought I would get it from the horse’s mouth. Microsoft hasn’t done itself any favours by backtracking on public statements, but here for what it’s worth is their official position as of today:… Read More »

The Klip Marches On

Serence, the company behind the RSS-like Klip, is about to launch a new version, which offers some interesting new features that could well give the standard a bit more edge in the face of the RSS revolution. Indeed, given that practically any RSS or Atom feed can be read in Klip form, one could argue… Read More »