Beyond OneNote

By | August 6, 2004

Further to my column about OneNote, I’ve heard from one or two people suggesting somewhat similar programs. Here’s a selection:

  • Anju Visen-Singh writes Calgary, Canada, about his company SMART Technologies Inc. Its SMART Board software drives special whiteboards that “connect to a computer and projector to display the computer image on a large touch-sensitive screen for group collaboration”. Users can draw with a special pen or use their finger to write or draw. Words will be converted to text and saved. Anju says a new version of SMART Board software is out in January 2005 “which will have scores of new features requested by our customers”.
  • One reader points to Writer’s Blocks as a possible alternative to those creative types looking to organise information for a book, play or whatever.
  • Then there’s Agilix’s GoBinder which looks vaguely like OneNote and presents itself as “the digital replacement for your old-fashioned three-ring binder that you’ve used to organize all your most important information. GoBinder provides a mobile solution to organize everything in one place–including calendar, tasks, contacts, notes, documents, etc.”

Oh, and for those of you checking out OneNote, don’t forget the powertoys that recently have been released (thanks, Jim, for pointing this out). Read more on the blog of Chris Pratley, one of the key players behind OneNote.

2 thoughts on “Beyond OneNote

  1. Smart Board

    […] These smart boards give touch control of your display , with it varied functions as drawing , displaying , controlling software functions are easily performed […]

  2. Gaming Mouse

    I’m a big fan of writersblocks. That site rocks my socks, hardcore. Haven’t heard of the other 2, or Onenote for that matter, so I’ll have to check them out and see how I like ’em. 🙂


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