WiFi Whackiness

By | July 28, 2004

WiFi is all very well, but I’d argue it’s still too tricky for us ordinary mortals to figure out. I’ve just spent the best part of a day trying to get a LinkSys WRT54G Broadband Router installed in my home network, and it took my resident genius Akbar to figure out that the cable provider had hardwired our setup so we had to try to trick the router into taking on the old address.

At least, that’s what I think happened: All we got from the superfast installer wizard was ‘You’re not connected to the Internet’ as we idly surfed the Web waiting for the wizard to complete its pointless and fruitless checks. Anyway, it’s working now, and it’s great, but I think LinkSys (and everyone else, for that matter) could do a better job of preparing us for oddities we’re likely to encounter.

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