The Woeful State of Documents and Scanning

By | July 16, 2004

What document scanning and filing system do you use?

One reader has asked about whether PaperMaster Pro is up to the job. Personally I’m not impressed with its latest incarnation: While the interface is superficially better, there are plenty of features missing from the earlier version, although right now I can’t find the link which mentions them.

Alternatives? Once again, I’m not impressed. I’ve written positive reviews of ScanSoft’s PaperPort, but once again, it’s not been all plain sailing. On several occasions PaperPort’s conversion of scanned documents to PDF format has been a let down (as in key files disappearing, never to return), which somehow makes a mockery of the idea of your computer doing a better job of saving stuff for you than a good old filing cabinet.

Nowadays I still use PaperPort but with very low expectations. But I wonder if there’s something better to recommend folk? Thoughts anyone?

2 thoughts on “The Woeful State of Documents and Scanning

  1. Teresa

    Is there any way to get the 98 version of PaperMaster? I have used that in the past and have had no problems. The Pro version sounds like a headache.

  2. James Eglin

    Digital Documents, LLC recently announced the Latest Version of our dDSpeedScan ® 4.0 Document Scanning Software and Processes to Provide the Industry’s Highest Level of Image and Data Quality.

    dDSpeedScan ® 4.0 uses advanced and sophisticated workflow technologies and optimized processes to provide the highest possible image and data quality.

    Version 4.0 of their dDSpeedScan ® document scanning and imaging software and processes can output images and data into over 240 formats with a 17% improvement in document scanning throughput rates over the previous version. In addition to the enhanced image and data validations and quality controls and assurances, even the largest and most complex projects can be processed with a quick turnaround and higher than industry standard image and data quality.

    Additional information can be found at


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