RSS, The NYT, And The Future

By | July 21, 2004

Continuing the theme of RSS, here’s a couple of tidbits:

  • has expanded its Really Simple Syndication offerings to 27 categories including new feeds such as Most E-mailed Articles, Multimedia and Week in Review.
  • Mediathink, a ‘full service marketing firm’, has released a White Paper on entitled “RSS – The Next Big Thing Online.” The White Paper outlines the marketing and media implications of this new online channel and evaluates 12 RSS newsreaders (Active Refresh, Amphetadesk, Feeddemon, Feedreader, Meerkat, MyNetscape, Newsgator, Newzcrawler, Scopeware Newswatcher, Sharpreader, Syndic8, and Tristana).
  • MediaThink’s conclusion: RSS will go beyond text “to allow for easier access and filtering of audio and video”, where users can “create personal broadband ‘channels’ where RSS acts as the filtering and notification tool. Soon we expect to see users subscribed to all types of rich media content using RSS.”

To prove their point, MediaThink launched a multimedia version of their press release via RSS.

One thought on “RSS, The NYT, And The Future

  1. Tom Barnes

    Just a minor clarification. We did not simply put our press release out in rich media. We did a quick 3 minute presentation on simple strategies to help SME’s focus vertically. As suggested, the rich media RSS feed was done to demonstrate how rich media RSS would work—but there was a sincere effort to provide value to viewers in the process and not clutter the channel.

    Thanks for the mention.

    Tom Barnes


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