Another Way To Meet Via Bluetooth

By | April 24, 2004

Further to a post last week, here’s another piece of software that uses Bluetooth to as a social thing, allowing folk to find and communicate with one another.

It’s called BuZZone, it’s made by Exion Systems Company, based in Novosibirsk, Russia and although it’s been around for a few months, it now comes in a free version. Since the whole idea of the thing is to look for other people using the same program, I guess that makes sense, unless you fancy some very lonely walks around public places.

BuZZone, for now, works only with PocketPC PDAs and Windows laptops. Exion says it’s working on developing versions that work on other systems.

I’m a bit skeptical, to be honest. I know that toothing is supposedly taking off in a big way in the UK. But you’re going to need a lot of people to download this kind of thing before it really starts to be worth it. But hey, I’ve been wrong tons of times before!

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