Beyond Blogging

By | March 9, 2004

Here’s a new blogging tool that goes further than blogging.

Developed by University of Maryland student Anthony Casalena, Squarespace is “an intelligent Internet content management system” he believes is the next evolution of publishing on the World Wide Web — for everyone.

“Casalena threw HTML editors and file transfer protocol (FTP) software out the window. With Squarespace, users log into their sites and configure everything with just a Web browser. It actually looks pretty good. There’s a free version, or various paying ones from about $5 a month to $15.

Although there are some great blogging tool out there, it’s definitely true that they all have some limitations, not least that they are blogging tools. That means you have to post to homepage, which in turn is a collection of the most recent blogs, and while you may have some nice features like categories, and uploading pictures, it limits the genre. Blogging will be truly great –and truly mainstream — when it’s moved beyond the simple log format into something more dynamic.

In short, blogging will have hit critical mass when it’s not blogging anymore, but takes with it what made it happen: Simple, elegant publishing without the HTML.

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