A Way To Record Lectures, Interviews and Stuff To Your PC

By | February 6, 2004

I have long been looking for a way to record interviews and whatnot to my computer. Here’s a program that might help: LectureRecorder, from Cyprus-based XemiComputers


LectureRecorder “allows you to record lectures and write summaries for them. To make a lecture summary the program provides several rich-text fields: course, subject, date, lecturer, digest and notes. There is also an option to print the summary. “

The built-in audio recorder uses real-time OGG audio compression, includes an editor and records in 8-bit, mono, with sampling rates of 44KHz down to 11KHz. The files can be converted to standard sound files.

The program costs $20. They also do some interesting other, but roughly similar software, such as Minutes of Meeting Recorder. What’s not quite clear in either is whether you can alter playback speed — a must for transcribing — and assign function keys for easily pausing the recording (a great feature of the software that comes with Olympus voice recorders.)

2 thoughts on “A Way To Record Lectures, Interviews and Stuff To Your PC

  1. Jeremy Wagstaff

    This from the manufacturers: Regarding your comment about transcribing, the program already has options for altering playback speed and numerous keyboard shortcuts to control it.

    When the program is in playback mode click on the double left arrow (<<) to get slower playback. There are four levels of slow playback. Likewise, clicking on double right arrow (>>) will speed the playback up.

    To see the list of available keyboard shortcuts go to Help menu and choose Available Shortcuts option. For transcribing you should enable so called “off-focus” shortcuts that give you control over the program when working in other programs.

  2. Roland Ashdown

    Hi there.

    What sort of mic should I use!!???I tried one (Sony ECM-MS907) but it’s not sesitive enough! I’m pluggin in to an iMic (Griffin) then directly into my PowerBook and recording using QuickTime. I know it’s not to do with the software here, but the mic is really important!!!

    Please help!!!


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