Zempt And Other Arts of Blogging

By | January 21, 2004

For those readers already a-blogging, here’s some tools to help. Most bloggers update their website by visiting the website in question. Others do it by email (or even by SMS). But probably the best way to do it is via a blogging tool. Here are the three I know:

  • w.bloggar The oldest, and still my favourite. The tireless Marcelo Cabral who runs it has just this week released a new version to work with TypePad, my blog host of choice, but it also supports Blogger, metaWeblog, MovableType, b2, pMachine and YACS. It’s free, but he welcomes donations.
  • Zempt Has appeared in the past six months, and offers a lot of useful features, including assigning more than one category to a post. Zempt is also free but would be happy to get donations. Works with all Movable Type compatible sites. My only grumble: The version I’m using tends to crash somewhere in the category adding process.
  • BlogJet Just started playing with this one this morning. Works with b2, TypePad, Blogger, Movable Type, LiveJournal and DeadJournal. It’s free while it’s in (time limited) beta. It’ll probably cost about $20 when it’s fully ready. I’m posting this using BlogJet and so far it’s been a dream (neat touch: The first time you fire it up it’s prepared its own little posting on BlogJet ready for you to post. Sassy.)

These are great tools to have. I’m sure that once the big boys get in on the act they will fade away, but the folk behind these programs have done an amazing service to the blogging community, and I hope that if they do disappear it’s because someone bought their ware for zillions of dollars.

3 thoughts on “Zempt And Other Arts of Blogging

  1. Adam Kalsey

    “I hope that if they do disappear it’s because someone bought their ware for zillions of dollars.”

    Yeah, me too. 🙂 But that’s not why we created Zempt.

    What is the crash you are getting in Zempt? Post it to http://forums.zempt.com/ and we’ll get it worked out.


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