A Good Way To Organise Outlook Emails

By | January 30, 2004

This is a must if you’re a power Outlook user: NEO Pro 3.0, out in Beta today.

NEO is an add-in product that “turns Outlook into an email organizer – without affecting all that Outlook already does”. NEO, also known as Nelson Email Organizer, is good at finding messages quickly automatically displaying messages in different ways.

Caelo Software Inc. (pronounced Kay-lo), the makers of NEO, has introduced three other features:

  • auto-classification of folders between New, Current and Dormant top-level areas (auto-moves old correspondents to Dormant after x days of inactivity)
  • global filtering (e.g. ‘show me my active correspondent messages addressed exclusively to me for the past 5 days’), and
  • manageable Outlook categories (see categories at a glance – easily edit, split and merge your categories).

The beta trial program is free: download it here. I’ve used previous versions, and, while I’m not an Outlook fan, previous versions of NEO definitely made things a lot easier.

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