Update: More On iPods — And Their Batteries

By | December 1, 2003
 Seems the guys — the Neistat Brothers — who were complaining about not being to replace their iPod batteries without expensive customer support were wrong, and even the guy who hosted their video isn’t happy.
As far as I can work out, the brothers posted a soundfile of an Apple customer support guy saying they may as well replace their iPod since it would be prohibitive to replace the battery. They then went around defacing iPod posters.
The bottom line: you can replace the batteries, using either an official Apple battery or a third-party one. Anyway, here’s some more discussion at Slashdot and plasticbag.org on the iPod anniversary and the NYT’s piece I mentioned in the previous posting.
(Sorry, don’t usually crowd the links into one posting like this, but it seems to make sense this time.)

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