Update: More On Bluejacking

By | November 5, 2003
 Interesting discussion about Bluejacking — the new craze whereby folk send messages to unsuspected cellphone/PDA users across the room — on Slashdot. The impression I get is that parts of Europe have already been using the Bluetooth function on phones to spam other people for some time. One contributor says that in Copenhagen
…every other time I get in a taxi I get a Bluetooth transmitted business card from the company or sometimes specifically the driver of the taxi. The first time this happened it was a slightly novel new thing I didn’t mind much – but now I find myself cursing the people who implemented this standard for not doing it like on Palm where you have to ‘accept’ the infrared beamed cards. On the Nokia cellphones it’s just stored without question so if this practice gets more widespread, soon your address book will be seriously burdened with unwanted business cards. Just finding them will be a big hassle. That’s when you switch off Bluetooth I guess.

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