News: Scary Future At Singapore Expo

By | October 29, 2003
 Here’s an example of RFID — the intelligent radio tag technology — used without people’s permission to do something a tad scary. The Singapore Straits Times reports (no link available as yet) today that a local start up, Tunity Technologies, installed a tracking system using RFID that would pinpoint every delegate’s physical position at the recent Global Entrepolis@Singapore expo at Suntec City venue — in real-time.
To use it, The Straits Times says, all one has to do is to approach one of the 40 conference staff carrying a web pad, and have them key in the missing person’s name. The dog-tag issued to each delegate contains an RFID tag, which hooks up with 60 readers placed inconspicuously around the building. Hmmm. I wonder how many of the delegates know about this.

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