News: Have Phone, Will Report

By | September 8, 2003
 Interesting posting by the excellent Steve Outing about the rise of photo-phones as news tools: Göteborgs-Posten, Scandinavia’s second-largest morning newspaper, today published on its website its first news photo taken by a mobile phone. After a collision between a tram and a truck in central Göteborg, reporter Ralph Källström reached the scene and filed a brief report to the news desk. Then he used his mobile phone to snap some pictures, picking the best and e-mailing it (via the phone) to the news desk, which added it to the web version of the story. His pictures turned out to be more dramatic than the official photographer who arrived later and filed much later. While in the print edition the photographer’s photos will be used, on the website they’re sticking with the reporter’s photo-phone shots.
That’s a great example, Steve concludes, of why news organizations should be replacing all reporters’ mobile phones with photo phones. I agree, but I bet the unions will have something to say.

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