News: Bad News For Bandwith Hogs

By | September 22, 2003
 I guess it’s not a particularly liberal view of the Internet, this wondrous playground where everyone can find what they want and access it, but it’s probably inevitable: some high-volume users are going to find their usage curtailed. CNET reports that some cable Internet service subscribers are quietly capping the volume of downloading they allow their subscribers to do. So far, it’s only affecting the heaviest users.
These are a small minority: CNET quote ISPs as saying a tiny percentage of people are using an enormous percentage of their total bandwidth. This will inevitably slow down the connections of other folk in the same area. Personally, I’m all for capping: I don’t think the Internet should be for folk downloading and uploading gigabytes of data unless they’ve got a separate corporate connection. Give the rest of us a chance.

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