I’m Not Saying Worms Are A Good Idea But…

By | September 2, 2003
 One small consolation of worms like Sobig is that you end up having a large number of inadvertent penpals. It’s like a huge chainletter. Sobig ransacks address books and fires off emails to all and sundry, along with the worm (which then does lots of damage, I’m not contesting).
While I don’t condone the activities of silly anti-virus vendors who haven’t figured out that worms like Sobig fake the sender of emails (see my earlier posting on this) — making the sending of automated emails to the apparent senders of worms an absurd and self-defeating endeavour — it’s kinda interesting to get emails from servers around the globe in places that you couldn’t possibly know anyone. I just got one from Romania complaining I sent someone called Deico an infected email. I have never been to Romania, and as far as I know I have never corresponded with someone from Romania. But someone I know must, or someone they know. Or someone they know. Or someone they know….

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