Update: New Version of Plaxo

By | July 29, 2003
 Users of Plaxo, the automated contacts updating software I reviewed a few weeks back, may have noticed some new features popping up in the past couple of days. One is that Plaxo can tell you whether the email you receive is coming from an existing contact or a stranger and whether the information about them in the address book is up-to-date. You can then add the sender to your address book with a single click and request updated contact details from them.
There’s also a new feature that enables users to customize their own personal e-mail footer with current contact information. Since Plaxo updates itself, these new features are already available if you’ve got Plaxo installed. While a lot of folk think Plaxo’s just a spam scam, I’ve found it surprisingly useful so long as you use it carefully, and don’t expect everyone else to use it. It’s not for everyone.

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