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By | July 1, 2003
 Jot+ Notes, one of those programs that never go out of style, is today into its third version. Jot+ Notes is a note/cardfile program with an added dimension: each note can have sub-notes, which in turn can have their own sub-notes, until you end up with a hierarchical tree or outline of notes. Sounds complicated? It’s not.
It’s very simple, and great for any loosely structured information — stuff that’s too important to just leave in a text file, but too vague to put in , say, Outlook. It’s good for address books (it even has an Autodial function), diaries/journals, Internet links/bookmarks, e-books, or just random notes.
A few of the many improvements in Jot+ Notes 3.0:
  • Improved editor, with more formatting options, plus support for embedded objects and images.
  • Plugins, to extend Jot+ Notes even further.
  • Enhanced import/export, with new XML support and enhanced HTML and CSV support.
  • Modern user interface, with colorful icons, configurable toolbars, configurable keyboard shortcuts, and XP theme support.
  • Note titles can be displayed in different styles with a choice of icon from a large library.
  • Notefile compression reduces notefile size by up to 90%.
Jot+ costs $30, or $9 (or free) for upgrades from previous versions, depending on when you bought it. I’ve checked the program out, and it’s good, very good. Gripes? It would replace my address book entirely if only it came with a version I could run on my Palm/Pocket PC.

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