News: Another way to get your fix

By | July 4, 2003
Another way of getting news
 I’ve talked ad nauseam about RSS feeds — a method of getting you snippets of news and whatnot but not clogging your inbox, or exposing you to more spam — but if you find it all a bit fiddly, you might want to try this option. ToolButton Inc. this week released version 1.2 of ToolButton, an Internet Explorer browser enhancement “that provides users with a delivery channel to obtain content from their favorite websites without the worry and bother of spam.”
Basically, the ToolButton is a toolbar that appears in your browser, offering buttons to dynamic — i.e. it changes when new news comes in — and static content — it doesn’t (change, that is) from websites you choose. A website?s ToolButton can include news content, dynamic feeds, blogs, RSS content and menus of important URLs.
I’ve installed it and like it. What I haven’t checked out is whether it’s monitoring your browsing activities. More on that once I find out, and hear back from the ToolButton folk.

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