News: Logitech io to get even smarter

By | June 27, 2003
  Fresh in from Logitech, news that the company’s AGM saw the first public preview of a hugely improved version of the software for the io pen, which I reviewed some months back.
This new version of the software, apparently, allows you to search all of the text you have previously written, not just the headers. It also allows you to change the format of documents on screen, for example by putting key sections in a different colour, or making the writing thicker. Last, this new version will include handwriting conversion software, to turn your notes into text. The new software is completely compatible with existing versions of the pen, so there’s no need to change the hardware. All you’ll need to do is download the new software once it is ready, which should be September.
I’ll keep you posted. I found the first version to be a very useful product. This sounds pretty exciting.

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