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Podcast: Ahoy There, Microsoft (BBC)

How Microsoft loses my trust over Windows Seven, and how it can get it back. A weekly column I recorded for the BBC World Service Business Daily.  To listen to the podcast, click on the button below. To subscribe, click here. Loose Wireless 091111   To listen to Business Daily on the radio, tune into… Read More »

Breaking Out of Those Silos

If you’re looking for the future of news, a pretty good example of it is at UK startup silobreaker, which isn’t a farm demolition service but a pretty cool news aggregation and visualization site. In other words, it lets you look at news in different ways. And it’s caught the attention of Microsoft, who today… Read More »

How Technology Shrinks and Amplifies Distance

Two pieces in the NYT/IHT that weren’t about technology, but kind of are, illustrate how technology can shrink distance but also grow it. First off a piece by Geoff D. Porter,  an analyst in the Middle East and Africa division of the Eurasia Group, explores how African would-be immigrants to Europe are now making their… Read More »

Cellphone Virus Hype Podcast

Cellphone viruses: hype or hellish new threat — a podcast I recorded for the BBC World Service Business Daily. If you want to subscribe to an RSS feed of this podcast you can do so here, or it can be found on iTunes. My Loose Wire column for The Wall Street Journal Asia and WSJ.com, can be… Read More »

Podcast on Making Music

Here’s something I recorded for the BBC World Service Business Daily show on recording music digitally. Email me if you’d like the transcript. (This podcast is a big file than normal; it’s longer, and it’s in stereo, because there’s a song in there. If you don’t like long podcasts and big files, I suggest you… Read More »