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We Must Do Launch Some Time

By | October 8, 2006

Another day, another launch. Thanks to everyone who came last night to the book launch. I’m not actually sure how many book launches one is allowed, but that’s our second in Indonesia (a few photos are here; more to come. Please send me any you have from either Jakarta or Ubud). We hope to do some more around… Read More »

The Commuter Factor

By | September 10, 2006

Watching the commuters of Beijing and Hong Kong brings home how usage of the cellphone is dictated by circumstance – in this case about how you get to work. This may be something that has been studied at length, but reading discussions about the difference in adoption rates and usage among countries and regions, to me it’s comes… Read More »

Indonesia’s Quake

By | May 29, 2006

For anyone interested in helping the victims of the Yogyakarta earthquake, in which thousands of people have been killed inside their heavy stone and slate homes, here’s Indonesia Help – Earthquake and Tsunami Victims. Sadly, this website was originally set up for the tsunami, now 17 months ago, but has been quickly resurrected to provide news and information… Read More »

SeaWorld Inventor Joins That Theme Park in the Sky

By | February 9, 2006

A moment’s silence please for the inventor of water parks, who has just died .  I wouldn’t normally trouble you with this but I’m taking my godson and his shark-obsessed brother to SeaWorld in Jakarta tomorrow, so it’s one of those spooky coincidences you ignore at your peril. George Millay, invented SeaWorld in 1964 as an “underwater zoo”. He… Read More »