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Has Anyone Resigned From aSmallWorld Yet?

A friend pointed me to aSmallWorld, the networking site that will only take members invited by other members (my friend wasn’t a member.) I can understand the benefits of this (I have hundreds of contacts on LinkedIn but know about two of them) but it was the service’s blurb that amused me — I can’t help imagining lots of hopeful folk sitting around patiently hoping to get an invite. I just hope I get one so I can employ Groucho’s well-worn resignation cable. clipped from We have imposed certain criteria in order to keep the network exclusive. To join, you need to be invitedContinue readingHas Anyone Resigned From aSmallWorld Yet?

Anatomy Of A Phishing Trojan

Phishing emails don’t need to be sophisticated to lure the unwary. Indeed, there’s some evidence those behind the more convincing looking emails masquerading as bank emails are also behind a spate of key-logging trojans, which use basic methods to fool the recipient into making them active. Australian Daniel McNamara of anti-phishing website Code Fish has found a new trojan that does a scary amount of work; he believes it’s the same phishing gang which recently launched attacks against his website and which targeted Westpac and ANZ banks. The emails themselves contain no special tricks, just plain text mentioning something newsy about Australia and offering aContinue readingAnatomy Of A Phishing Trojan

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