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Leaky Laptop

My friend has brown gunk leaking out of the bottom of her laptop. I’m not able to see it in person, but the above is what it looks like. She says that nothing has spilled on her laptop, but that’s the only explanation I can think of. Could it be something else? Grynx has a couple of interesting posts on this kind of thing: One post describes rain getting in to a router: It didn’t look that bad from the outside, but gee it really looked bad on the inside. The brown gook is what was left after the water dried. It seems like theContinue readingLeaky Laptop

How Not To Build Buzz

How not to build buzz in the blogosphere: Tell bloggers how to do their job. Just got this in my inbox from Bubbler: Hello from Glenn Reid, founder of Five Across (Bubbler people), We’ve shipped Bubbler 1.0, and the world is starting to notice. John Battelle, one of the founders of Wired Magazine, posted to his blog yesterday asking who might be using Bubbler. Check it out at and add a comment and a link to your blog if you are excited about it. I’m sure this is not really from Glenn (the from email address is, and actually Bubbler is not aContinue readingHow Not To Build Buzz

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