Are Blogs The Future Of Web Design?

Have blogs changed our idea of what constitutes a well-designed webpage?

I was reading Wired’s interesting piece on guerrilla webpage redesign, where disgruntled folk take the content of a badly designed website and make their own mirror, throwing out the Javascript, cookies, confusing menus, bugs, excessive art-junk for a slimmed down, simplified imitation on their own server.

While the piece talks about the trouble these folk go to, and the trouble they land up in, I couldn’t help noticing that David Jone’s excellent makeover of Wales’ National Assembly website is basically a blog. Everything is there from the original, but it’s all a lot easier to navigate and much easier on the eye. But it looks, feels, and walks, like a blog.

Are blogs turning the huge ship that is the World Wide Web back to its roots, where webpages were less about glitz and more about content, where simplicity and usability counted for more than multimedia interactivity and gee-whiz mouseovers? Or not? Or did it all happen a long time ago and I only just notice?