Dialer Victims To Get Compensation

Further to my column a week ago (sorry, subscription only) on the dialler scam, here’s an update.

I’m not sure this is the first time, but it’s a good sign: Ireland’s Eircom has pledged to reimburse consumers who unwittingly fall victim to internet fraudsters that hijack people’s computer modems and run up large telephone bills, according to Ireland’s Business World website.

The website says Eircom had not previously automatically covered the cost of these Internet dumping frauds. In advertisements on Wednesday, however, it promised to refund its customers where it found they had been “innocent victims of the fraud”.

Eircom, Business World reported, said its new policy would allow it “to continue to enable voice and data communications to all international destinations, including 13 States that were recently put on a direct dial blacklist by the regulator”. It’s not clear whether this means those 13 are now off the blacklist.