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Update: Diebold Withdraws E-voting Suit?

By | November 27, 2003

 Further to my column about e-voting a few weeks back, Diebold, maker of electronic voting machines, has apparently withdrawn its suit against an ISP and some individuals for posting leaked company documents about some of the problems with their system. Stanford Law School reports that Diebold had filed papers with the court saying it ?has decided not to… Read More »

Update: Are You A Criminal? Check Here

By | July 26, 2003

Further to my earlier post about the RIAA on your tail, you can check whether they are, courtesy of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. This episode in the progress of digital copyright could prove interesting. Related Posts:Electronic Voting And The Criminal Connection December 19, 2003 Pumping Stock, Spam and the Criminal Underworld November 12, 2006 Update: Office Update You… Read More »

Update: Cracking the code

By | July 8, 2003

Microsoft Reader: a clarification      Further to my note about successful efforts to crack the new code protecting the copyright of Microsoft Reader ebooks, here’s a clarification from Dan Jackson, who keeps a copy of the software which can circumvent the code on his website:   I noticed you have an article concerning the new version of… Read More »