We Must Do Launch Some Time

Another day, another launch. Thanks to everyone who came last night to the book launch. I’m not actually sure how many book launches one is allowed, but that’s our second in Indonesia (a few photos are here; more to come. Please send me any you have from either Jakarta or Ubud). We hope to do some more around the region and beyond in the months ahead. I’m getting a little better at speaking and autographing, so maybe if I get to your town it might be a decent evening out. Hosts were Alila Hotels’ Kemang Icon, which is a very cool boutique hotel so understated you would walk right past it.

For those of you who don’t attend launches, I don’t blame you. I hate launches too, but I promise ours are different. No readings from the book, for one thing. Speeches under five minutes. (Ok, ten.) No mention of techie terms. No comparing of gadgets. And lots of booze.

Anyway, an exciting start to some major new initiatives from Loose Wire so watch this space. And those of you who have bought the book, please let me know what you think, and please do write up a review on Amazon. Copies can be bought from there, or from Equinox, my publisher.

Loose Launch (Or How to Throw a Book Party in Bali)

Loose Wire, the book, was launched last night at the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival in Bali. It was great to have such a large turnout and gratifying to sell out all copies! More have been shipped in for today’s session of the festival, and can be found at the Java Books stall at Indus. What particularly delighted me was the varied crowd — everyone from geeks to grandmothers! Thanks to everyone for coming and making it a fun evening. I realised that launching a book was really the first time I got to meet readers face to face and hear some of their problems. Mostly, most but not exclusively, about technology.

For those who aren’t in Bali, copies of the book can be bought from Equinox, my publisher. For anyone who happens to be in Jakarta, there’ll be a special launch this coming Saturday, to which you’re all welcome. More launches in Asia and beyond in the months ahead.

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Loose Launch

By the way, here’s a link to the invitation to the launching of the book. Needless to say, all readers of the blog are welcome. And Bali is a beautiful place: Sunday 1 October 2006

Tutmak Café,
Jl. Dewi Sita, Ubud, Bali
(during the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival)


I can’t really advise on places to stay up there, but there are plenty, and it’s a wonderful spot. And if you’re more literary inclined than a bunch of technology columns, there are some quite famous writers attending the Festival.

Hope to see you there.

You’ve Read the Column and Blog. Now Read the Book.

LwbI promise I’m not going to harp on too much about this, but today marks the moment when Loose Wire becomes not just a column and a blog (and an occasional podcast) but a book. LOOSE WIRE, A Personal Guide to Making Technology Work for You is now available for pre-ordering here.

The book is based around columns from the past six years, and is aimed at anyone who felt that, as the blurb says:

EVER GET THE FEELING that technology is taking over your life and not asking you first? When you’ve mislaid that important file or can’t connect your new camera, do you just want to hurl your computer out of the window? When your kids/friends/grandparents start talking about blogging, podcasting and RSS feeds do you nod as wisely as you can while wrestling with the urge to throw them out of the window too?

This is of course a bit excitment for me, because the columns have all been written with a vague idea in my mind that the world of technology could be sliced into thin enough pieces for anyone to digest. Now putting all those pieces back together in book form reveals a kind of pattern that surprised me. Not many surprises in there for the geeks among us, but those of you wanting an accessible guide you can read in the bath might find what you’re looking for.

The book is being launched on October 1 in Bali (where else?) at the Ubud Writers Festival which is playing a host to bunch of internationally acclaimed writers, i.e., people not like me. The launch party will be on October 1, 5.30 pm at Tutmak restaurant and café. If you’re around please do drop by. There will be drinks. I will also be appearing on a blogging panel the following day at 2 pm alongside (or probably slightly behind) Deepika Shetty [Singapore], Dina Zamen [Australia/Malaysia] and Sharon Bakar [Malaysia]. There will also be a launch later that week in Jakarta, and then maybe one later in the year in Hong Kong.

OK, no more plugs, I promise. Well, not too many.