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Adobe Falls Behind the Blogging Curve

Amit Agarwal at Digital Inspiration points to Adobe’s new version of Contribute 4.0, which now lets you compose blog posts from within Microsoft Office. As Amit points out, who is going to shell out $150 for something which Windows Live Writer and a host of other tools let you do for free? (These tools allow people with blogs to write their posts while they’re not online. I use them because I don’t like working inside a browser for reasons I haven’t really explored. Mainly, I think it’s because keyboard shortcuts don’t work very well in the browser-based software that players like Typepad offer. I haveContinue readingAdobe Falls Behind the Blogging Curve

The Red-faced Blue Frog

What’s intriguing about this Blue Security/Blue Frog episode, where angry spammers attack the anti-spam company with a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, which in turn directs traffic (unwittingly or wittingly, it’s not clear yet) and temporarily brings down blog hoster TypePad, is this: The guy behind Blue Security, Eran Reshef, is founder of Skybox, a company “focused on enabling the continuous enterprise-wide assessment of vulnerabilities and threats affecting corporate networks.” This is at best somewhat embarrassing for Reshef, and for Blue Security, at worst it exposes him and the company to ridicule and lawsuits. Getting involved in battling spammers is not a task takenContinue readingThe Red-faced Blue Frog

Loose Wire Blog Moves. Sort of

Loose Wire Blog has finally moved to This won’t affect anyone that much, especially if they’ve never heard of or visited the blog before, but for those of you who do read it, first off, many thanks, and second off (that doesn’t sound quite right), this is, I hope, the first step in a redesign that will make the site easier to use, and with more stuff in it. Technically speaking, accessing would take you to the Typepad site via domain forwarding; now the site is actually mapped to the domain, so while the content can be seen at both addresses, it would be best ifContinue readingLoose Wire Blog Moves. Sort of

Trackback Spam, Praising Dvorak, Office Revenge And Other Byways On The Route To Where You’re Going

One of the scary, but compelling, bits of having a blog is seeing how people found you. TypePad offer referring addresses which make this very easy, but all it does is make you wonder whether most of the people visiting you are on their way to somewhere else. (It also reveals how well trackback spam works.) Here’s a sampling of the past few hours: Google search for ‘gay male sex’ took the hapless user to my Directory of Firewalls (this may have something to do with some nasty trackback spam I hadn’t spotted, but don’t you think the page title would have given the game away?Continue readingTrackback Spam, Praising Dvorak, Office Revenge And Other Byways On The Route To Where You’re Going

A Wake, And A Wake-Up Call

Just got back from a ‘wake’ for the Far Eastern Economic Review, which, after 58 years, went monthly last October under the ownership of my employer, Dow Jones. I won’t get into the politics of that decision, but it did occur to me, listening to some eminent former FEER personnel talking this evening, that three things go into a publication like FEER, if you ignore distribution, financing, marketing and the non-editorial side. And it’s worth considering, from a blogger’s point of view. First is material. You’ve got to have good material. Not just off-top-of-head stuff like this, but real material, gotten by use of footwear,Continue readingA Wake, And A Wake-Up Call

Bubbler Goes Pro

Five Across, Inc., the guys behind the ‘blog and website creation service’ Bubbler, are going to start charging for the service now it’s about to come out of beta. On May 16th, 2005, we will be launching Bubbler version 1.0 along with a paid subscription-based Bubbler Hosting Service, which will also include our innovative messaging and collaboration tool InterComm Pro. I have to confess I toyed with Bubbler but couldn’t get as excited about it as I’d hoped. I’m with TypePad, and while it’s starting to creak a little through lack of new features (and introduction of some unnecessary ones, such as HTML comment notifications),Continue readingBubbler Goes Pro

Blogger Gets A New Look

Google has given Blogger a new look, courtesy of a company called Adaptive Path, “the industry’s leading user-experience consultancy”. It’s not bad, certainly an improvement on the old interface. But is it enough to win over all the folk who have migrated to places like Typepad, which offer many more features? In a news release it’s clear the emphasis has been on ease of use: Evan Williams, co-founder of Blogger, says, “Our goal for this redesign was to enable people who had never even heard of a blog to be publishing their own blog in less than five minutes.” There are some new features: lotsContinue readingBlogger Gets A New Look

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