The Fish That Was Ahead of Its Time

This is old news but it still comes as something of a shock to me: You have probably never heard of Enfish but you see its legacy in every desktop search program you’ll come across. That’s because the company helped promote the idea that searching your own files was as useful an activity as searching …

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The Fish That Was Ahead of Its Time

Dear Enfish Customers, As of November 1, 2005, Enfish Software will no
longer sell its own products, but rather license its technology and patents
to others. I am pleased to report that Enfish Software has completed its
first licensing agreement with EasyReach Corporation. EasyReach is an
exciting company which launched at DEMOfall 2005 one month ago.
Furthermore, EasyReach has released a new version of the product
which is available for free to all users who have purchased Enfish Find or
Professional. Many of you have received free, or beta versions of the
product over the years, and as such may not be in the purchase
database. If you fall

A Directory of Email Trackers

A few weeks back in a column (subscription only, Iā€™m afraid) I wrote about email trackers ā€” services that track whether emails you send are read, along with other details ā€” and I received a lot of interesting mail from readers, which I will deal with here or in a future column. (For those of …

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