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What’s Up With My Data, Doc?

By | November 24, 2007

I can’t find the original article on the IHT website, but there’s a great piece in today’s edition on how pharmaceutical companies push their drugs by funding — I would say bribing — doctors. It’s written by Daniel Carlat, who writes a blog and publishes the Carlat Psychiatry Report. The most interesting part of the piece is on… Read More »

News: Online Music Sites Compared

By | November 4, 2003

 If you’re confused about the abundance of online music sites, here’s a chart comparing what they offer, and what they lack, from The Philadelphia Inquirer. Related Posts:News: Another Online Music Store September 29, 2003 Update: Online Music Gets Nasty November 5, 2003 Column: the problem with online music November 5, 2002 Update: More DRM Woes For Online Music… Read More »