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Are Computers A Waste Of Our Time?

Here’s a story to illustrate a conundrum: If computers are such productivity boosters and time savers, how come we spend huge amounts of time trying to make them work? Marshall Brain, a writer, former teacher and consultant, tried to figure out how much time we spend on fixing computer stuff but timing it: Last month he spent 11 hours and 20 minutes solving computer problems, from fixing Mom’s printer driver (1 hour) to solving a daughter’s Christmas trauma resulting from a bad Cheerios game CD (15 minutes). Now first off, that’s a lot of time, but I’d say not surprising. I run a small homeContinue readingAre Computers A Waste Of Our Time?

Less Features, Less Bugs Please

 From the It’s About Time Someone’s Talking Sense Dept comes an interesting column by Sean Ammirati the founder and director of Avanti Strategies, who points out that in software, as in most things, less is more (and whose web site seems to take the concept to its furthest practical point).     Writing in InformationWeek he says that “although software companies would hate to admit it, most people don’t use all the features of their products.” Exactly. What wouldn’t users like me give to have a new version of a program with less features, and less bugs? It’s time for another column ranting about the ridiculous bugsContinue readingLess Features, Less Bugs Please

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