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Google Alerts Drops RSS Delivery Option

Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land points out that Google Alerts Drops RSS Delivery Option, which is pretty upsetting. The message says that “Google Reader is no longer available,” and says users need to switch to email alerts. Seems that Google … Continue reading

03. July 2013 by jeremy
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Here’s a piece I wrote for the BBC which went out today. (They often air some time after I’ve recorded them.)  It’s very hard to be in the technology business these days because you don’t know when someone is going … Continue reading

18. October 2012 by jeremy
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The Google Dilemma

Once we lived in simpler times. Google was a search engine that made its money off ads that were based on what we searched for. Look for cocoa and you’d get an ad for hot chocolate alongside the search results. … Continue reading

14. January 2012 by jeremy
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Narrowing Down Those Search Results

Here’s an interesting, albeit quirky, search program called, suitably enough, Mercurius. From the blurb: When you perform a search using Mercurius, as well as the usual search engine results you are shown lists of words and phrases found within these … Continue reading

26. March 2004 by jeremy
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