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Forks in the Road Ahead?

Two interesting pieces in the past 24 hours that, almost in passing, look at a growing conundrum for Google: how to cope with the fact that Android is largely a profit center for Samsung and nobody else. Horace Dediu at … Continue reading

17. July 2012 by jeremy
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Ending the Tyranny of the Telephone

How do we deal socially with the new technology around us? How do we come up with new norms, wrestle with the loss of privacy, deal with the way technology seems to force us to change the way we live, … Continue reading

25. June 2012 by jeremy
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In a Samsung Galaxy far, far away … will Android still rule?

A piece I wrote on potential roadbumps in Samsung’s ride to smartphone dominance.  Samsung Electronics is the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer and biggest user of Google’s Android operating system. And, for some, that’s the problem. Samsung’s meteoric rise – in … Continue reading

03. May 2012 by jeremy
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