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Media’s Future: Retail

(This is a copy of my weekly newspaper column, distributed by Loose Wire Service) By Jeremy Wagstaff As you no doubt know, Rupert Murdoch has decided to put up a front door on the The Times’ website, demanding a modest toll for reading the online content. Needless to say this has prompted laughter among those who think that content should be free. This is silly: Someone needs to pay for this stuff at some point. And no one else has any better ideas right now, so good luck to them, I say. Though I would counsel them to be smarter about the way they makeContinue readingMedia’s Future: Retail

Was the News Corp Offer for Skype Real?

Was the story that News Corp nearly bought Skype for $3 billion really true? British paper the Independent on Sunday seems to think so:  According to well-placed sources, Skype entered into talks with News Corp over a potential $3bn sale. This would have made a massive profit for the two founders and their backers – Hotmail investor Howard Hartenbaum and four venture capital firms – which together put just $20m into the business. However, talks fell apart last month, just before Rupert Murdoch’s son Lachlan quit his father’s empire. Skype would have fitted in well with News Corp’s satellite TV interests, which include controlling minoritiesContinue readingWas the News Corp Offer for Skype Real?

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