Update: Consider Changing Your Email Software

 A few weeks back I reported on the revival of Calypso, an excellent email program, by the folks at Rose City Software. Their rechristened Courier does everything Calypso did, but it’s got one or two features that may help tip the balance for those of you not sure it’s worth the hassle switching. My favourite feature is its integration with POPFile, which, coincidentally, is my spam filter of choice (and now 99.18% accurate, I’m glad to report.) Anyway, this is the neat bit: Courier allows you to reclassify email that POPFile may have got wrong — marking it as spam, for example, instead of legit email) just be rightclicking on the email in question. Superb.
One gripe for Rose City: Can we have better icons? I can’t see the yellow envelope in the system tray, especially after a couple of beers.

Software: Calypso becomes Courier

 I’ve been a huge fan of Calypso, an email program that’s simple, highly fiddle-able, and small. Unfortunately its producers, MCS of Dallas, dropped it a few years back leaving a lot of users in the lurch. I’m still using it, however, despite its quirks under Windows XP, and am very glad to see that another company, Rose City Software, has reintroduced it as Courier 3.5. They promise new features — like “Color Markers” to help organize messages — and a cheap upgrade for Calypso users ($20 against $30 for the full thing.)
I’ve yet to try it out yet, but I’m glad to see that software as good as Calypso doesn’t always just die off. I’ll review Courier in a future posting.