Taiwanese Government Computer ‘Hosts Phishing Scam’

Somewhat embarrassingly for Taiwan’s education system, a phishing email aimed at customers of US Bank operaties via a script which appears to be on a computer at the Taiwan Ministry of Education Computer Center in Taipei.

MillerSmiles Scam Alert Service reports that the phish urges recipients to access a new message in their personal mailbox by using the link provided. “The link has been disguised using HTML code and appears to be a genuine link to the usbank.com site, but it is not and will in fact open your browser to a forged US Bank web page,” says MillerSmiles. The forged US Bank page takes the form of a webform which requires your account, card and social security numbers.

Of course they, and I, are not saying the Taiwanese government has started phishing, but it may be worth the education ministry’s while to plug holes in its own computers.


News: Might virus writers be hiding in China?

 AP reports that Taiwan has sent a formal letter to rival China asking for help in tracking down computer hackers who allegedly sent a virus to a Taiwanese software company.The letter alleged that on Sept. 2, Taiwan-based Eha Technology Ltd. received e-mail that contained a virus, said the Straits Exchange Foundation, a semiofficial organization that handles Taiwan’s relations with China. The e-mail came from four Web sites registered in the Chinese provinces of Fujian and Hubei, the foundation said. The Web sites were stockfound.com, Lsaeraid.com, Feeledu.net, memoryfree.com, according to the foundation’s letter.
I haven’t looked at this but I have read that Chinese hackers have been reported to be working on viruses recently. Anyone know any more about this?